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For L
01 January 2014 - 22:06

Hi. It's been awhile.

It ended amicably. The past 2.5 years have been filled with indescribable love, warmth, and kindness. All my flaws and weaknesses laid bare and, in response to that, nothing but unconditional acceptance, support, and encouragement.

The deep, black void of 2009-2011 was filled and I was able to crawl slowly out. I'm still in the fog, feeling my way around but...baby steps.

"You're a lot better than you think you are."

I have grown so much in 2.5 years. While we were very much two separate individuals, you complemented me in so many ways. My sharp tongue, my unkind heart, my pessimistic worldview...you took it all and taught me how to show patience and kindness. For that I am grateful.

You may never read this but thank you.

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