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2014 in review + 2015 resolutions
01 January 2015 - 13:38

achievements in 2014:

1. graduated. finally. Second (Upper) Class Bachelors of Social Science in psychology. it's been a long time coming but i've finally completed university!!

2. met D. met his parents. introduced him to my parents. everyone is nice and civil to one another.

3. got a job. starting 2/1/15 i am an Employed Female Professional! sort of. the job description sounds great. i get to apply what i've learnt in psych. boss seems nice.

4. made more friends in uni. went out with said friends. i've missed social life.

5. learnt to chill out and not sweat about the small stuff. (this is work in progress. constant revision and conscious application is required.) established regular sleeping hours. acquired a large amount of shows to watch. picked up some hobbies (e.g. rainbow looming, lego) that help me pass the time. added books to my ever-expanding home library. learned that work-life balance is not an end-goal but a process and a decision that is made daily. work-life balance does not come with a job but is something you create on your own and requires sacrifice and juggling multiple competing goals -- one can't have everything...and that's ok.

6. spent less time on social media. less time with head bent over an iPhone screen. i'm still active on IG, twitter, and FB but to a much lesser extent than in the past.

7. more active on whatsapp. i used to hate communicating via whatsapp but have come to realize that it's a necessary part of socializing and keeping friends/family updated.

8. re-established appointments with LHY and V at LC. looking forward to more progress. have the support of D and family. lots more challenges to face.

resolutions for 2015:

note: the goal of resolutions is to be targeted, specific, measurable, challenging, and, most importantly, realistic (i.e. within reach).

1. limit expenses and bills to $500 per month.

2. give parents 10% of my salary.

3. plan at least 1 social outing per month with friends and/or colleagues.

4. have 3 square meals a day. reach minimum healthy weight (MHW; BMI > 18.5).

5. keep fit + maintain weight by exercising once a week. 90 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity activity according to HPB guidelines.

6. keep regular appointments with LHY and V.

7. meet D at least once a week. learn to negotiate our different work schedules. i do a 5-day work week with regular office hours whereas D works shifts (including nights and weekends!). although physical presence and face-to-face contact is best, quality of shared conversation and time is probably more important to relationship satisfaction. if we can't meet, then we should carve out some time to talk on the phone.

8. where possible, achieve reasonable work-life balance by trying to separate office and personal spheres. (this is one of the things i was looking forward to whilst studying. i found it tough to allow myself breaks because i did most of my schoolwork at home.) i work in the office. i play and rest outside the office. it may not always be possible, but i will continually strive to separate the two.

9. (tentative) pick up brogging again?

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